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Okay, so where do I begin? Ah yes...music.

I'm going to list off a number of bands that I have gotten into THIS YEAR. And JUST this year, mind you. Tis a lengthy list.

Franz Ferdinand
The Libertines
Dirty Pretty Things
The Hives
The Pipettes
The Phoenix Drive
The Lucky Spades
Johnny Cash
Arcade Fire
The Cribs
Arctic Monkeys
Buck 65
The Strokes
Simon and Garfunkel
Golden Earring
Dropkick Murphies

And that's about it. Long list, no? And that only added onto the ALREADY huge-ass list of bands I listen to. And I have to say that my top songs as of now are:

Hurt - Johnny Cash
In The Morning - Razorlight
Golden Touch - Razorlight
Somewhere Else - Razorlight
America - Razorlight
Pull Shapes - The Pipettes
Black Velvet Band - Dropkick Murphies
Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones
Hazy Shade of Winter - S&G

Okay, so school may just possibly be the biggest bitch ever. Even to the point where I can't go to my guitar lessons sometimes because of the amount of homework. What the hell? I have a test on Nationalism on Monday, my French Revolution/Napoleon project due Tuesday, a Chemistry test next week as well sometime, German presentation, and a French project thing. S'lame. It's like they think we have nothing better to do that do homework. Yeah, okay, well maybe some people are like that but others, like myself, have commitments. And I can't make those commitments when I'm doing 80 questions on molar mass. Or writing sentences on what Katja and Heinz are doing after school. And school really isn't made any better with my crazy teachers. They're not even GOOD crazy. They're just crazy. Well, my Chem teacher is crazy but he's a good bloke, so whatever.

My friend situation as been an issue. It's not directly my issue, as I am still on really good terms with my friends from previous years and I've made some new ones as well. It is, however, the fact that my friends do not like each other. I got my friends whom I sit with at lunch, the friends that I make stupid jokes with and we have inane stupidass conversations about nothing. My other friends, the ones I sit with on the bus or walk home with, or hang out with outside of school, I have stimulating, intelligent conversations or conversations about stuff that means alot to us, stuff we've experienced in the past and really only has significance to us. I feel torn between them, but I love them all. So what can I do? I can't possibly ditch one group for the other. But my...intelligent-conversation friends hate my stupid-conversation friends. They never used to, so I don't know what happened or who changed or whatever. All I know is that I'm in the middle and I don't know what to do.

Now, last but not least. Myspace. "On the eighth day, God created Myspace, and he saw that it was good." I swear, I am bloody obsessed with it. Things I have learned from browsing Myspace:

1. Anthony is very much into politics

2. Harmony has too much sex

3. Yeti has really good music videos

4. Drew has an imitator

5. Drew also has an interesting nickname

6. Adam likes to impersonate other people

7. People leave 'interesting' comments on Yeti's page

8. Harmony is good at writing poetry.

9. Harmony also has the legs of an 80 year old prostitute

10. Anthony is unsure of his sexuality

11. Drew has Yeti and DPT on his friends list

12. Graham knows leet speak

13. Andrew and Harmony call each other interesting names

14. Harmony does extremely odd things when drunk

15. Drew is very pretty

16. Drew has a younger brother

17. Drew had another younger brother who died this year. (Jesus, it's hard to believe alot of the stuff he's gone through. I think being in Babyshambles is probably enough to wear you out as it is, let alone having a close one die. I mean, he plays in like 2 bands, plays bass for an Irish folk singer, and plays his own acoustic shows while doing other, behind-the-scenes type things.)

18. Anthony has good taste in music

19. Drew has a model/actress girlfriend...I think. There's a picture of her sitting on his lap and they're both on the very top of their friends list thing. She is also very pretty. 

20. Myspace gives an inside view to rockstars lives. Whether this is a blessing, curse, or both, I shall never know.

Sorry for spamming your f-list. But its my bloody journal entry and I don't think I need to put it under the cut in MY journal. Cheers.


BTW. I'm watching performances from Live 8. Spine-tingling, s'what it is.


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