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Question: If you're "British" friend (British meaning he lived there when he was a little kid) and you other, Canadian, friend tell you that the word "sod" and any adjectives or adverbs or whatever used with "sod" always and only mean sodomy, to sodomize, etc. when you know for a FACT that it is slang to be used to emphasize something or whatever, say someone is wretched or unfortunate, a form of endearment, etc. Example:

"Sod this"

"Sodding bastards"

"Silly sod"

"Poor sod"

"Sod off"

Excuse me, but does sodomy have any place in the above? No. Okay, fine, the fucking word originated from sodomy, but fucking means to have sex and bloody means to be...bloody. Does that mean when you say "fuck" that you're saying "sex" or when you say "bloody hell" you are literally referring to blood running through the realm of hell? No. 

So I suppose this confirms that my friends are assholes. This was a trigger to set it off. Years off having my music ridiculed and my clothing and how I look shot down. It has all come to this point. I'd certainly be willing to stay friends with them if they weren't so elitist and mean in the future.

Looking back over this, I suppose the old cliché fits. With friends like these, who really needs enemies? At least I wouldn't care if someone whom I shared a mutual hatred with hated my music. It's different with people whom you've shared secrets and dreams with, laughter and tears and god knows what else.


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Nov. 2nd, 2006 07:44 am (UTC)
actually, an interesting bit of trivia, "bloody" is actually the bastardization of the swear, "by Our Lady," which went out of fashion around the time of the British Reformation. Much the same way, zounds! comes from "His wounds" though no one really says "zounds" with a straight face anymore...

anyhow, your friends are silly sods.
Nov. 2nd, 2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah I can see bloody coming from that. But still...we don't mean "
By Our Lady" when we say it, not really. LOL zounds...

My friends ARE silly sods. Grr.
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