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Days and videos.

Right, so these are what my past few days were like

I had the day off and I watched some really terrible films on TV. Can't remember what they were called. One was about a Polish boy who was shipwrecked and saved by these two old women, the other was a sci-fi film set in the future (obvsly) and people could travel back in time and kill dinosaurs right before they die, so that way they're not altering history, blah blah blah. They were bad. The first one had a shitty ending and the other one had bad graphics, bad script, bad storyline, and no scientific basis at ALL. Just some random crap thrown together.

Rememberance Day wasn't all too exciting. There was a tribute on the radio, played some nice songs, etc. etc. Did some homework, blah de blah blah.

Went shopping with my aunt and I bought:
Soft brown scarf
Furry hat similar to Johnny Borrell's fuzzy hat thing with the ear flaps
Christmas gifts for the folks
Lemon Danish

I also recieved new pyjamas from my mom and a large block of fudge from my brother. He went on this wine-tasting tour thing around the Okanogan (lake in British Columbia and there are loads of wineries there). Anyways, seeing as how I am underage and he can't bring me back any wine, he brought me back fudge. I love my brothers, they're always so thoughtful when giving me things. I wasn't even expecting anything as I knew there isn't much to buy in BC, just the same stuff here, only more expensive (HAHAHA to those who have PST). I also stayed up till 12:00 am doing my science homework.

Monday aka Today
So today was totes wtf. The chemistry homework, I figured out, should have been easier to do. Unfortunately, being the nerd/dork/keener that I am, I did these huge ass write-ups, when I didn't have to. I also didn't have to hand in the one part of the homework that caused me alot of trouble. It was retarded.

Alright, so I've been meaning to do this for awhile but I decided to post the definitive (okay not so much) list of best videos on YouTube. In no particular order:

Anthony interview at SkyNews
Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show
Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt - We Are Scientists
The Great Escape - We Are Scientists
It's A Hit - We Are Scientists
Working For The Industry - Yeti
Last Time You Go - Yeti
Didz and Anthony T in the Park interview
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Fight scene from Anchorman
Somewhere Else - Razorlight (note, Johnny Borrell's walk in this is so amazingly rubbish, I love him for it)
Janie Jones - Babyshambles and Friends (note: DREW!!!)
DDR type dance routine...thing (note: this guy is awesome)
Camp Jitterbug Charleston Finals 1/2
Camp Jitterbug Charleston Finals 2/2
Pull Shapes - The Pipettes
Benicassim Festival Interview (note: DREW!!!!)
GloNo interview with DPT

Watch them and enjoy.


Stephen Colbert and Kim Jong Il!
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