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I uploaded a bunch of music onto my comp so I could listen to it easier. Yeti is really becoming one of my favourite bands. Song For The Dead and Up and Down are amazing songs. Seriously. I was impressed by Up and Down because it's much more of a rock song than their other stuff. John does a good job on the vocals for that one. The lyrics are good too.

I'm re-reading Bound Together too. The book makes me sad so I don't see why I'm re-reading it. Maybe it's cause the anecdotes in there make me laugh sometimes. But when I read about what Peter did to Gary and John, and how John couldn't write songs for the band and stuff like that, it upsets me. 

I'm currently studying for my exams today as well. Pain in the ass is what it is. I have my Social Studies exam tomorrow and my Chem exam on Friday. Then I get a week and a half off, then I start the new semester which I am not looking forward to. I have Physics, Math, English (well that's alright), CALM (Career and Life Management), and Art (that's good too because I like art and I'm pretty good at it). But according to my friends, Physics and Math are hard. A few of them told me I'd fail. Tch, fuck that. I'm a hell of a lot smarter than the majority of my friends, as I do tend to understand concepts better, remember things, and do well overall in my courses.

ALSO, my parents said that they're taking me to England and France a few months after I graduate for my grad present. My brothers and maybe my brother's girlfriend are coming. I've barely been out of the country let alone the continent, so it'll be really fun.

Peace out, I guess.

PS. Does anyone know how to put your last.fm charts into your LJ posts? I can't seem to do it...


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